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Snooping! Yes, No, I don’t know?

by Suzanne

The upcoming episode on the podcast is about snooping. Is there ever an acceptable reason to snoop? If you suspect your person is hiding something is your first course of action to open up a conversation on the matter or an investigation? Our intuition probably tells us everything we ever need to know about a person or a situation. If you snoop looking for traces of another person and you don’t find anything interesting except an email from a jeweler that his purchase is ready. You then amp yourself up for every possible intimate moment anticipating a proposal that does not come. You later find out the purchase was a broach for his mother, not a ring for you. Oops! Mr. Awesome is suddenly not so awesome anymore. A few days go by and you go back to snooping and he catches you red handed and ends the relationship. A year later he is engaged to someone else and you want to die. There are lots of snooping scenarios however as you are deciding to investigate/snoop be prepared at what you might unfold. Podcast is coming up soon!!

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Besties by Chance, Sisters by Choice Part 2

Hey y’all! Part 2 of Besties by Chance, Sisters by Choice is live. If you were falling asleep in Part 1, I promise this episode will be a lot more captivating. This episode is told by my long time friend, Michelle LaMendola. She tells the story of the hours leading up to the event that changed all of our lives forever. You won’t want to miss this 2 part series, Besties by Chance, Sisters by Choice!

Click to Listen Episode 6 Part 2 Besties by Chance, Sisters by Choice

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10 Tips on Starting Your Podcast!

After 4 months of actively putting my podcast plan into action I want to share some time saving suggestions that will make life so much easier for those starting the process of launching a podcast

  1. Get help from social media groups!

I joined several social media groups for podcasting and members are genuinely eager to offer up advice on platforms, equipment, editing resources and production resources etc.

2. Do not rush just to post an episode!

If you are not feeling it, don’t record. If you are dry on topics or your specific topic, wait for something to speak to you. Record when that happens.

3. Sound test, sound test, sound test!!!!!

I don’t think I need to expand on number 3.

4. Practice engaging with your microphone

It is not as easy as it seems to grab a microphone and start talking in full sentences that make sense and flow right. Especially to us soloists.

5. Leave some things to the professionals

If you want to spend less time designing your own logo there are artists everywhere that are extremely reasonable if you have $50-$100 in your budget to commission someone.

6. Test which social media sites respond best to your brand/podcast theme.

Your audience is likely to be found more so on 1 or 2 of the mainstream social media platforms. Nurture the ones that result in real followers and not trolls/spammers.

7. Your FRIENDS and FAMILY are not likely your audience

Don’t waste your time begging friends, family and social media friends to listen to your podcast. Create separate accounts for your podcast and find your people that actually want to engage you in your podcast.

8. Podcast Hosts are EVERYWHERE

I use Podbean and I am comfortable with them. I know some of the others promote themselves as a one stop shop in building and launching your podcast. I am not sure you then have the best quality music and sounds. I listen to 2 podcasts that are using the same theme music and I would not want that for myself. I use Sound Stripe for music and their variety is pretty cool.

9. Find an editor

I use a great editor because I don’t have the where with all to do it as keenly as she does. You may not have to keep the editor forever but if you are shaky on editing, get one if only until you master it yourself.

10. Listen, listen, listen to new podcasts

I have removed all celebrity and podcasts that have been around for years and/or have a huge following already from my library. Some of the new podcasts are good and some are not so good but like you and I, they are learning too and it allows me to offer up a nice review to those that may really need the encouragement. It is hard being new to anything so enjoy some new voices and topics.

My Podcast is Just Spilling It and can be heard on iTunes, Google, Spotify, Stitcher and Podbean