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Snooping! Yes, No, I don’t know?

by Suzanne

The upcoming episode on the podcast is about snooping. Is there ever an acceptable reason to snoop? If you suspect your person is hiding something is your first course of action to open up a conversation on the matter or an investigation? Our intuition probably tells us everything we ever need to know about a person or a situation. If you snoop looking for traces of another person and you don’t find anything interesting except an email from a jeweler that his purchase is ready. You then amp yourself up for every possible intimate moment anticipating a proposal that does not come. You later find out the purchase was a broach for his mother, not a ring for you. Oops! Mr. Awesome is suddenly not so awesome anymore. A few days go by and you go back to snooping and he catches you red handed and ends the relationship. A year later he is engaged to someone else and you want to die. There are lots of snooping scenarios however as you are deciding to investigate/snoop be prepared at what you might unfold. Podcast is coming up soon!!