10 Tips on How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of a Romance Scam

by Suzanne

In the age of social media and internet matchmaking sites, we all know or should know that there are probably more misrepresented profiles than we realize. Women and men are being cat-fished all day every day. What happens when you fall victim to a con-person? You could lose your life savings or worse your life. I was recently made aware of the FBI complaint department that has a reporting system to intake information on such people that are committing crimes against people under this Romance Crime umbrella.

People that are carrying out such scams are highly skilled and have plenty of practice. They are channeled in to ideal targets. They have lists they share around in their heinous community of thugs naming people that have a history of being conned. Don’t make that list and beware by following a few safety tips.

Safety Tips

  1. Confirm the person’s photo/profile to make sure they are not being used in multiple platforms with aliases etc. Online searches is the best form of confirmation.
  2. Take your time with someone and ask as many questions as you feel you need or want to ask. Potential suitors will respect your inquiries and answer them without being defensive or evasive.
  3. If someone seems too perfect, they usually are anything but perfect. If they plead or demand to be exclusive before getting to know you and vice versa this is probably a warning sign that this person does not have good intentions.
  4. Isolation is usually their 2nd call of action after they have swooned you. Anyone that is uncomfortable with you having friends and relationships with your family members is dangerous. They may ask for financial information or inappropriate photos to later use to extort you.
  5. If the person commits to an in-person meeting and cancels more than once with excuses that seem odd this person is likely not legit.
  6. NEVER send money or agree to accept packages on their behalf.
  7. NEVER invite this person to your home until you have 100% assurance the person is who they say they are and shows no signs of a threat to you. I would insist on meeting all of his closest friends and relatives. I consider someone that has no living relatives or friends a giant no-no.
  8. Your children should NEVER be included in dating app photos. NO EXCEPTION!! Even if they are your adult children.
  9. Never be so desperate that you find yourself explaining away the secrecy, dishonesty or inconsistencies in someone’s behavior.
  10. Make a pact with a trusted friend that if they don’t approve of Mr. or Mrs. Awesome then you will let that person go. Sometimes we deny, deny, deny that we are too blind to see the obvious.

If you or someone you know has a complaint to file the web address is:

Snooping! Yes, No, I don’t know?

by Suzanne

The upcoming episode on the podcast is about snooping. Is there ever an acceptable reason to snoop? If you suspect your person is hiding something is your first course of action to open up a conversation on the matter or an investigation? Our intuition probably tells us everything we ever need to know about a person or a situation. If you snoop looking for traces of another person and you don’t find anything interesting except an email from a jeweler that his purchase is ready. You then amp yourself up for every possible intimate moment anticipating a proposal that does not come. You later find out the purchase was a broach for his mother, not a ring for you. Oops! Mr. Awesome is suddenly not so awesome anymore. A few days go by and you go back to snooping and he catches you red handed and ends the relationship. A year later he is engaged to someone else and you want to die. There are lots of snooping scenarios however as you are deciding to investigate/snoop be prepared at what you might unfold. Podcast is coming up soon!!

Runaway Dogs and Thirsty Bitches

by Suzanne

Last week’s episode told the story of my dog on his wild adventure to the neighboring farm. I shared my thoughts and opinions regarding happiness in the workplace/playing well with others. I shared some incidents I had with a former co-worker without too much detail. In short, she was threatened by me and my position in the company. She probably figured out that her position was still in place as a courtesy to delay layoffs. Ultimately her hunch was proven to be true, but in no way had anything to do with me. I did not want her to lose her job however I did want her to keep her distance. I still stick to my position, that you should never let someone bully, harass, interfere with your dreams, or stand in the way of you doing your job.


Besties by Chance, Sisters by Choice Part 2

Hey y’all! Part 2 of Besties by Chance, Sisters by Choice is live. If you were falling asleep in Part 1, I promise this episode will be a lot more captivating. This episode is told by my long time friend, Michelle LaMendola. She tells the story of the hours leading up to the event that changed all of our lives forever. You won’t want to miss this 2 part series, Besties by Chance, Sisters by Choice!