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You Joined a Cult? Eat a Sandwich and Take a Nap!

by Suzanne Riley

This week’s episode we talk a little about Risky Business, Top Gun, Mission Impossible and a few other movies starring a cult leader.  How does this even happen? Are some people so desperate for meaning they fall victim to joining a cult? How does a Hollywood heartthrob become so intertwined in such controversy? Yet still maintain his popularity and continue to work?

I would really love to talk to someone or someone’s about them being successful while fleeing a cult. What was their Microsoft moment or aha, this was a bad idea? There are so many cults we don’t even know exist. They spread fast and wide from what little reading up I have done on the subject.

I have real life to live, bills to pay, a job or jobs to do. I have no time to join a cult. What is the appeal is to join a cult?? How would a sexy, charismatic, successful, guy like Maverick join in isolating and enslaving people as part of a spiritual journey?

Let’s not leave the most famous Sweathog, Vinnie Barbarino, out of the mix. He seems to be off the controversy radar these days. Unless I am just not picking up on it. He is thought to be chained to the cult to avoid embarrassing leaks to the world. Apparently there is some information documented during his audits being held over his head. Oy vey! This is so insane to me.

I thought for a long time they did this to channel money through a tax sheltered entity to avoid the evils of the IRS. Perhaps we will never know what is behind these mysteries of people of the cult that have the means and resources to leave.

Eat a Sandwich and Take a Nap!

If you have joined a cult or think you have joined a cult or considering joining a cult, I would start with a meal and a nap. Usually the inductees withhold food and sleep to confuse your mind. Once you are feeling a bit of strength or a hint of sanity strike a plan to escape or just say NO!

It seems like the stories end the same with some twisted son of a bitch that wants to collect women and children to control and abuse. If you or someone you know has a story to tell, contact me! My links are found at

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