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Celebrity Crushes, Obsessions and Justifiable Homicide!

Celebrities signing autographs
By Suzanne Riley

My first celebrity crush was Larry Hagman as Major Nelson on I Dream of Jeannie! I went on to Donny Osmond, David Cassidy, Scott Baio, Shaun Cassidy, Andy Gibb, Robby Benson and probably several others. What wasn’t to love about the 1970’s?

Some people take their crushes to an obsession and display extremely disturbing behaviors. Next thing they fall into some form of psychosis they have trouble snapping out of and stalk celebrities. Then you have a whole other type of person that goes to extremes by enlisting in multiple surgeries because they want to look like a particular celebrity.

On a lighter note, celebrities have been known to marry fans. Some spouses are not in the entertainment industry at all so we seldom hear or see them in the news bits. It would take a great deal of confidence to be able to accept the fandom and attention their spouses receive.

Lana Turner was one of Hollywood’s most sought after actresses from the 1930’s for 50 years. 8 marriages and 1 mobster jealous boyfriend later a scandal occurred when someone wound up dead.

All on this weeks episode, we spill it all. Don’t miss out!!

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