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Podcast Podcatcher

By Suzanne Riley

What is a podcast and how do I listen to a podcast?  My definition of a podcast would simply be explained that it is a talk program you can listen to at your leisure from your Smartphone, iPod, PC, MP3 player or any device not mentioned that I don’t know about.

At the onset of the internet, internet services provided these digital formats to radio stations.  With the astonishing development of high speed internet and portable media players these digital radio programs could be widely distributed.  Hallelujah!!

The expansion of podcasting brought upon a democratization of programming opportunity.  Podcast hosts can produce shows in their living rooms, coffee shop, park, in their car, in the club or pretty much anywhere they so choose so long as it is legal.  Speaking of legal, podcast hosts are not regulated by the FCC but that doesn’t mean big bro isn’t listening.  Hosts can talk about anything and everything with as many expletives as sponsors are willing to accept if they are lucky enough to have sponsors.

Podcasts are sometimes a single story told over 5-10 episodes.  The theme through my experience is that a podcast has a theme or specific area of knowledge on something they and their listeners find interesting.  I am drawn toward true crime podcasts and reality tv recaps.  I am also subscribed to podcasts on the judicial system, science, and economics.  If it interests you, it is probably being talked about on a podcast.

Podcasts can be downloaded from its website however there are several apps available for both iOS and Android that allow you to download episodes automatically.  These apps are referred to as “podcatchers” and they are generally free (or very inexpensive). 

Apple users don’t have to seek out a separate podcatcher because Apple’s proprietary app is built into iOS devices, allowing users to discover and subscribe to a range of different programs.  Android probably has one built in as well.  If not, go to Google Play and seek out the app that suits you best.

This may be TMI however my brain is goofy in that I have to know who?, what?, where?, when?, why? and how? pretty often unless I really don’t care, then I let it go.

My blog, FB page (Just Spilling It), Instagram (@just_spilling_it), Twitter (@JustSpillingIt) will offer up a link to my podcast and I will also provide the link to my podcast host to make it easier for PC users.

I wanted to share this information because it occurred to me that I know people that have never, ever even heard a podcast before that are asking me how to access podcasts.  I don’t want anyone to be excluded based on not having or not knowing how to access a podcatcher.  Cheers!!

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