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A New Kind of Crisis!

Sometime after the age of forty, we start coming to terms that our children are growing up, leaving home and some are actually adulting to some degree.

A divorce that has been on hold for 10 years waiting until the kids graduated from high school or college is now on the horizon. The panic is brewing on the mere thought of going through those motions so it gets pushed away to panic later.

Single parents that raised their children alone are emptying out their bedrooms as well with their own version of angst imagining the sound of… hmmm… no sound actually.

Couples that are gleefully planning and celebrating every empty bedroom as they become available. I love that commercial when the college kid comes home to find his parents took the square footage of his room to make a larger kitchen and his room is a closet off their new kitchen.

It’s the new midlife crisis. Just keep reminding yourself there is plenty of happiness to be had once they spring out into the world.

Cheers to a New Year! 2019 here we come!!