Hey Y’all!

There is a very exciting project coming to life very soon. I am extremely tickled to launch this podcast. Storytelling is really a passion of mine that comes naturally.

I will be sharing real life stories that may not sound like real life stories. Truth is stranger than fiction as we all know. Names might have to be changed to protect the innocent unfortunately. I will worry about that as it comes.

My very first release may be a bit weak primarily because I have never done this before so I will be flying by the seat of my pants. Additionally, I am going to provide a 2-3 minute commentary of my story. I am only going to scratch the surface. That is my promise to you.

Full disclosure… I am not a psychiatrist, doctor, nurse or pharmacist so if you need any of that, you can make an appointment with someone in your area that has the appropriate licensing to sort out your wonky.

Please follow my blog and keep in touch.